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Nikko Iroha Slope in winter

DRONE NINJA 1 year ago

Do you know Nikko Irohazaka?
Especially if you are a person who lives in the Kanto area or who likes Initial D, you know many people.

This is a “steep slope” where the sharp curve continues so much, and the number of curves up and down is 48 in number. When I first drive, the more I get worried about when this curve will end.

By the way it seems that the name was attached to “Iroha 48 letters”.


It is also known as a landmark of autumnal leaves and it is a superb view of the drive course.
However, it is necessary to enjoy it after being prepared for a heavy traffic jam on a sharp curve.

I think that there are many people who want to aim for autumn leaves as they shoot in Drone. In fact, you can see a lot of beautiful photos taken during autumn leaves when you search.

However, when you think about aiming at a slope, it is not a good time as the road hides behind when there are many leaves.
That is why I wait for the winter when the leaves are gone, but all the leaves will not disappear, and even if you see too many branches it will not be a good picture. I have experienced many things that must be said.

So I thought that the timing of making the snow makeup as much as possible is when it aims, and that the way snow melts is the best.
This time there is only today today, depending on the information of the local people! I hurried from Tokyo.
As a result, it became a day when you can take convincing photos.

There are times when you can imagine that the scenery from the sky is strange as you continue to take aerial photographs. I feel that the moment that it seems exactly has increased.

Every time I skip a drone, it’s a fact that I’m impressed that I’m a scene that I have never seen, and I am keenly engrossing the shutter, but I am aware of the strength and direction of the light as it is on camera shooting on the ground There is also fun to assemble while changing the angles and heights of the camera finely, and the delusional power from the sky rises with the accumulation.

Fun is not exhausted.
* Do not forget consideration for safety again.

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